Why Your Snaps Will Never Be Safe

Snapchat is such an awesome app; you can communicate with friends or whoever you want, and everything you share or say gets deleted in ten seconds or less.

Go ahead, send a selfie with a ridiculous face, or even send a sexy pic or two.

Go ahead, and risk the chance that the receiver screenshots it and keeps it, or even posts it somewhere online.

You forgot about that, didn’t you? You forgot that Snapchat has one significant flaw, albeit it’s not Snapchat’s fault in the slightest.

Screenshotting is an inherent trait in smartphones these days, and it can be quite useful sometimes.

It can help you quickly capture a funny image you found on the internet and share with friends, or save a recipe you’ll need in a day or two.

Unfortunately it can also help people save a snap you just sent them, and as we know, most snaps sent are n​ot i​nnocent in nature.

If you’re about to send a nude to someone, you better be sure that they won’t save it, regardless of the reason. If a girl was about to send a nude to her boyfriend, she can probably rest assured that he won’t screenshot it.

If it’s a girl that’s sending a nude to some guy she’s been hooking up with, she might need to let him know that those pictures aren’t meant to last for more than ten seconds. If you don’t know a person too well, don’t risk your reputation and just don’t send them anything sexy; it’s not really worth the embarrassment and attention.

I mean, if you know they’re a decent person and don’t seem like they’d capture it, go ahead, but if you have any second thoughts, don’t go through with it.

The only way the sender can tell if the snap was screenshotted is when Snapchat detects that it happened and lets them know, but that doesn’t work if the receiver is using a third party app.

Thus, we’re in a sticky little mess here. App stores either need to crack down on these apps like a mob sting operation, or people are going to be sending snaps and hoping the other person doesn’t pull a fast one and use a third party app.

The quicker option, of course, is to just make sure you send compromising pics to people you trust won’t keep them. Why let someone else take care of the problem in a way slower manner when you can just quickly do it yourself?

I know for the most part we only snap with friends and people we know, which are all people that we trust, but sometimes we have relationships with people who aren’t as trustworthy as it may seem, so it’s best to use discretion when sending a sexy snap.

Sadly, we don’t live in a world where screenshotting is impossible. But, if we did, creepy politicians would still have their jobs, so I think it’s something we can all deal with.

So until all the dirty third party apps are all gone, we’re going to have to exercise our discretion and decide whether or not this person is deserving of a sexy snap. If you wouldn’t send them a silly selfie without worrying if they’ll throw it up on Instagram and tag you in it, they aren’t worthy of a pic of you in your birthday suit.

Since we can’t control the apps people use, we might as well do what we can to control who we send our snaps to.

Your snaps will only be as safe as you let them, so keep that in mind.

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Check out this video and decide how safe snapchat really is for yourself.