Troll-Free Twitter Needs To Be A Thing

When we sign in to our social media accounts, we simply just scroll through the posts, rolling our eyes at some, laugh at very few, and occasionally throwing something into the mix ourselves.

Social media is an ongoing conversation, so it’s not always necessary to contribute anything, but there are those that seem to have a whole lot to say, not all of which is good. Some people and even organizations have used social media to harass, threaten, lie, and worse.

I’m talking about trolls, racist people, and even terrorist organizations- the worst of the worst. These people need to be voiceless in the virtual world as far as spreading any of their hate; social networks need to do more to prevent them from creating accounts, as well as shutting down any accounts they do make.

Take freakin’ ISIS, for instance. How they heck did they ever get on Twitter?

ISIS at one point had 46,000 Twitter accounts tweeting support for it, which is a significant amount of people; this terrorist group is very tech savvy, and will be hard to keep offline, where they’ve tricked many people into joining their regime.

If Twitter was quicker at discovering these accounts, less people will be seduced into following such a violent organization and they would have less influence on the world. You think you want your mom off of Twitter or Facebook? How about ISIS?

I don’t think a violent terrorist organization should have any social media presence; Twitter, you need to get your sh*t on lock.

Twitter isn’t the only social network that needs to work on tracking down all the haters and terrorists; frankly, they all do. Of course, people have free speech, but there’s also just a moral compass that people need to follow; there’s no good reason to be racist or troll people online.

Facebook has had it’s share of people making horrible, disgusting, racist comments and posts, and many people were rightly offended. I can see how it can be hard to monitor, but at least make it clear that your online community is not a place where racist or violent or hateful comments are promoted.

When someone posts something innocent and then a troll makes comments, they can get to the point where they are harassing the person and trolls and bullies online have caused many people to commit suicide. That’s pretty disgusting, making someone feel so awful as to end their lives, and that kind of person should not be allowed on social media of any kind.

Social networks need to use their authority more and improve how they monitor accounts; online bullying is something that can be stopped, yet not much, if anything, seems to be have been done about it. ISIS has an online presence, somehow, and has used it to persuade young people to join their violent regime.
Trolls and racists are disrupting the online experience of a lot of people, and if they’re not just giving you a headache they’re ruining your entire day. Social media is a place where ideas are shared, people communicate, and hashtags abound; this place is not for racism or hatred.

If the people with only mean things to say stayed off the internet, I would be able to teleport to Mars. Trolls will always troll, otherwise they wouldn’t be trolls, you feel me?

Now, if only my mom would get off of Facebook…

Which brings me to my next point:  Why Your Snaps Will Never Be Safe